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Course Outline
- Pinching
- Coiling
- Slab building
- Throwing


Class Detail


Watching professional artists throwing on potter's wheel make it seem deceptively easy. In fact, this skills requires lots of practice, patience and concentration.

Step 1 - Clay preparation. You still need to prepare a well-wedged clay before you start throwing it on the potter's wheel.

Step 2 - Centering. Position the ball of clay in the exact center of the wheelhead by a few repeating lifting and pressing down the clay in cone shape.

Step 3 - Open up the clay.

Step 4 - Lifting. Lift the rol of clay to start raising the walls of the pot. Cylinder is the most basic form of all shape. You will have to repeat lifting to thin the wall and make it taller.

Step 5 - Shape the pot.




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